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Kitchen hexagon tiles

Kitchen hexagon tiles
One of the major recent trends in interior design is the laying of hexagon tiles on the floor and wall in the kitchen.
The hexagon tiles for the kitchen recall a deco style very popular in the 1930s, but revisited in a modern key and, above all, with new generation stoneware.

The hexagon porcelain stoneware tiles combine the beauty of the size with the resistance of the material, making them the ideal product for this area with a high rate of use and subject to a lot of stress from many chemical and food agents.

The hexagon motif in the kitchen allows you to create beautiful chromatic effects with the tiles creating movement and, at the same time, remaining light to the eye.
Widely used are the hexagonal tiles for the backsplash of the kitchen which is one of the most impacting elements from an aesthetic point of view, because it is one of the first things that are seen
Thanks to this solution this area can become protagonist and define the style of the entire openspace.

For the hexagon kitchen tiles, the design that uses three different shades based on the same dominant color is very common: lightness and decoration become the leitmotif of this solution and the cementine style is the final touch with a retro taste.

Onetile and his team are able not only to identify the best hexagon kitchen tile solutions, but also to recommend the ideal style for your kitchen design needs.