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marazzi treverkhome price

Marazzi treverkhome price

Marazzi treverkhome
Marazzi's Treverkhome porcelain stoneware line is characterized by the quality of the wood effect of its tiles, available in various sizes and thicknesses suitable for every surface and floor.
Onetile thanks to the very important and multi-year partnerships with the major Italian producers and a solid network is able to offer its customers the best products at the best price on the market.
Entering our product sheet you can view and request an estimate for the Marazzi Treverkhome collection for the colors Oak, Birch, Oak, Chestnut, Ash, Maple, Olmo, Larch and many others.
The Treverkhome collection by Marazzi is produced in various formats such as the 15x120, 20X120, 30X120, 40X120, 60X60 and 30X30.
Marazzi style nature, warmth and a tactile appeal are the distinctive features and sensations of Treverkhome wood effect porcelain tiles. The collection creates the impression of an oak-like wood of choice quality. Treverkhome is available in four colours and three sizes, with satined surfaces. Suitable for installation in residential contexts such as bathrooms, kitchens and living-rooms, and also in light retail applications.
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