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Atlas Concorde

Marvel Shine

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Marvel Shine it's a collection with multiple trim tile made by Atlas Concorde which is among the most important Italian ceramic brands in the world.

  • 64Colors
  • 33Formats
  • 3Depths
  • 4Surfaces
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Calacatta DelicatoCalacatta Delicato
Calacatta ImperialeCalacatta Imperiale
Calacatta Imperiale Macchia ApertaCalacatta Imperiale Macchia Aperta
Calacatta PrestigioCalacatta Prestigio
Calacatta Prestigio Bookm ACalacatta Prestigio Bookm A
Calacatta Prestigio Bookm BCalacatta Prestigio Bookm B
Calacatta Prestigio Scenic Bookm ACalacatta Prestigio Scenic Bookm A
Calacatta Prestigio Scenic Bookm BCalacatta Prestigio Scenic Bookm B
Statuario SupremoStatuario Supremo
Statuario Supremo Bookm AStatuario Supremo Bookm A
Statuario Supremo Bookm BStatuario Supremo Bookm B
Statuario Supremo Macchia ApertaStatuario Supremo Macchia Aperta
Statuario Supremo Scenic Bookm AStatuario Supremo Scenic Bookm A
Statuario Supremo Scenic Bookm BStatuario Supremo Scenic Bookm B
Staturario SupremoStaturario Supremo
Calacatta Delicato Gold HexCalacatta Delicato Gold Hex
Calacatta Delicato MosaicoCalacatta Delicato Mosaico
Calacatta Delicato Mosaico EsagonoCalacatta Delicato Mosaico Esagono
Calacatta Delicato Mosaico TwistCalacatta Delicato Mosaico Twist
Calacatta Imperiale MosaicoCalacatta Imperiale Mosaico
Calacatta Imperiale Mosaico EsagonoCalacatta Imperiale Mosaico Esagono
Calacatta Imperiale Mosaico TwistCalacatta Imperiale Mosaico Twist
Calacatta Prestigio Gold HexCalacatta Prestigio Gold Hex
Calacatta Prestigio MosaicoCalacatta Prestigio Mosaico
Calacatta Prestigio Mosaico EsagonoCalacatta Prestigio Mosaico Esagono
Calacatta Prestigio Mosaico TwistCalacatta Prestigio Mosaico Twist
Calacatta Prestigio Rose HexCalacatta Prestigio Rose Hex
Mosaico MatchMosaico Match
Statuario Supremo MosaicoStatuario Supremo Mosaico
Statuario Supremo Mosaico EsagonoStatuario Supremo Mosaico Esagono
Statuario Supremo Mosaico TwistStatuario Supremo Mosaico Twist
Statuario Supremo Platino HexStatuario Supremo Platino Hex
Calacatta Delicato BattiscopaCalacatta Delicato Battiscopa
Calacatta Delicato Battiscopa Sagomato DxCalacatta Delicato Battiscopa Sagomato Dx
Calacatta Delicato Battiscopa Sagomato SxCalacatta Delicato Battiscopa Sagomato Sx
Calacatta Delicato CornerCalacatta Delicato Corner
Calacatta Delicato Corner A ECalacatta Delicato Corner A E
Calacatta Delicato GradinoCalacatta Delicato Gradino
Calacatta Delicato ScalinoCalacatta Delicato Scalino
Calacatta Delicato Scalino AngolareCalacatta Delicato Scalino Angolare
Calacatta Imperiale BattiscopaCalacatta Imperiale Battiscopa
Calacatta Imperiale Battiscopa Sagomato DxCalacatta Imperiale Battiscopa Sagomato Dx
Calacatta Imperiale Battiscopa Sagomato SxCalacatta Imperiale Battiscopa Sagomato Sx
Calacatta Imperiale CornerCalacatta Imperiale Corner
Calacatta Imperiale Corner A ECalacatta Imperiale Corner A E
Calacatta Imperiale GradinoCalacatta Imperiale Gradino
Calacatta Imperiale ScalinoCalacatta Imperiale Scalino
Calacatta Imperiale Scalino AngolareCalacatta Imperiale Scalino Angolare
Calacatta Prestigio BattiscopaCalacatta Prestigio Battiscopa
Calacatta Prestigio Battiscopa Sagomato DxCalacatta Prestigio Battiscopa Sagomato Dx
Calacatta Prestigio Battiscopa Sagomato SxCalacatta Prestigio Battiscopa Sagomato Sx
Calacatta Prestigio CornerCalacatta Prestigio Corner
Calacatta Prestigio Corner A ECalacatta Prestigio Corner A E
Calacatta Prestigio GradinoCalacatta Prestigio Gradino
Calacatta Prestigio ScalinoCalacatta Prestigio Scalino
Calacatta Prestigio Scalino AngolareCalacatta Prestigio Scalino Angolare
Statuario Supremo BattiscopaStatuario Supremo Battiscopa
Statuario Supremo Battiscopa Sagomato DxStatuario Supremo Battiscopa Sagomato Dx
Statuario Supremo Battiscopa Sagomato SxStatuario Supremo Battiscopa Sagomato Sx
Statuario Supremo CornerStatuario Supremo Corner
Statuario Supremo Corner A EStatuario Supremo Corner A E
Statuario Supremo GradinoStatuario Supremo Gradino
Statuario Supremo ScalinoStatuario Supremo Scalino
Statuario Supremo Scalino AngolareStatuario Supremo Scalino Angolare

Atlas Concorde, a symbol of quality and style

Atlas Concorde, a symbol of quality and style
Atlas Concorde was founded in 1969, and is today the first Italian ceramic group in the world.
Atlas Concorde represents 50 years of ceramic excellence with an eye to the future: these are the characteristics that allow Atlas Concorde to respond to every need of contemporary architecture and design by offering collections in ceramic and porcelain stoneware for floors and walls.

Atlas Concorde designs and manufactures the best aesthetic and technological solutions in porcelain stoneware, suitable for every style and application, making the brand one of the most important and consolidated international companies in the ceramic tile sector.

Atlas Concorde ceramic surfaces give personality and style to creations, testifying the aesthetic and technical quality of a range of ceramic and porcelain stoneware tiles and coverings that are unique in terms of refinement and completeness.

Our achievements

Our achievements
Discover the floors and coverings that have already made our customers thanks to Onetile's services.
thanks to the careful selection of the best Italian porcelain stoneware, mosaics, ceramics and parquet brands, we have created and manufactured floors and walls for private homes, restaurants and businesses of all kinds, in Italy and in Europe. Find out more

About Us

About Us
We aim to make all of the best ceramics accessible at an exclusive price, assembling a personalised range that takes into account the customer's true needs. We offer advice on the choice of the best product and the installation of the same.
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At, we are focused on the needs of our customers, offering all them important advantages, such as:

The best price!
Our very important and multi-year partnerships with the major Italian manufacturers and a solid network enable us to offer the best products at the best price on the market to our customers!

Grouts, skirting tiles, decorative tiles and installation accessories at cost price
We offer Mapei and Profilpas products to our customers at cost price. Our network enables us to offer grouts, adhesives, skirting tiles, decorative tiles and installation accessories for floor and wall tiles at cost price. We always ensure the best price and the best quality products to furnish any space.

Best Quality Guaranteed
With years of experience in the world of floor and wall tiles, we only select the highest-quality products for our customers, ensuring that they receive the best porcelain stoneware and parquet products on the market.

Flexible Delivery
At, we fully understand how problematic storing goods can be. We offer a free flexible delivery service, which allows customers to receive the products when they are ready for installation

At, we give customers the opportunity to directly view the products they want by visiting our Showroom. Our partnership with Tempini1921 enables us to offer free dedicated consultations by appointment.

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Installation Service

At, our extensive knowledge of the materials we sell permits us to correctly manage any type of floor and wall tile installation, both indoors and outdoors.
We are supported by several teams of specialised and certified craftspeople who allow us to simultaneously manage multiple sites located throughout Italy.

By requesting our installation service you will receive free advice and precise directions to contact the installation teams that are best suited to your needs.

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Customised transport

At, we offer customised transport services to meet every specific requirement, always offering our clients:
- Insurance on each shipment
- Shipments with professional partners
- Prior notice via telephone from the courier one day before delivery
- The option to schedule the delivery on a precise date and time

At, we will securely transport your floor and wall tiles. Take advantage of our guaranteed and reliable service.

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