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Porcelain stoneware: floors and more

Porcelain stoneware: floors and more
In this article, join us to take a look at all the uses of porcelain stoneware!

When we think of porcelain stoneware, we tend to see it as a covering material for horizontal and vertical surfaces. However, its endless qualities, sizes and finishes also make it a great idea as a furnishing material.

Versatility, resistance and performance are the signature features of porcelain stoneware.

Modern production technologies with digital decoration have made a major contribution to the success of large slabs, allowing stoneware to mimic the appearance of other materials, including natural materials, correcting or highlighting certain features of them.

Thanks to the possibility of decorating the slabs digitally, patterns can reproduce a variety of shades, colours, tones and effects. In the case of large marble-effect slabs, for example, the veining can be continued almost indefinitely, which would not be possible with natural marble.
Porcelain stoneware: floors and more
Porcelain stoneware slabs, for example, are available with the following effects:

•    Concrete

•    Marble

•    Wood

•    Metal

•    Stone

•    Fabric 
Porcelain stoneware: floors and more

A perfect creative option for covering tables, coffee tables, kitchen and bathroom tops, shower trays and washbasins, shelves, wall units, worktops, partitions and even garden furniture.

For example, in the kitchen, a single covering material can be used for the top and back, as well as for parts such as the sink and the hob area, or to tile a peninsula element or table. In addition to a clean, seamless appearance thanks to the absence of visible joints, large stoneware slabs have excellent technical properties, as well as being highly resistant to stains and easy to maintain.
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