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Kitchen tiles: modern ideas

Are you looking for modern kitchen tile ideas?

Are you looking for modern kitchen tile ideas?
Trust the OneTile experts who will guide you in choosing the best stoneware kitchen tiles for your needs of modernity and style.

The kitchen is the heart of the house and for this reason it is often the fulcrum of all the stylistic choices that determine the creation of the other environments as well: making the right choices of tiles for the kitchen therefore becomes fundamental for the success of your construction or renovation.

One of the first elements to consider is the type of kitchen you want to create: if the kitchen is a separate room from the living room or a cooking area that creates an open space, it is essential to choose stoneware tiles suitable for the floor and walls near the stove. (read article: Backsplash band for kitchen), sink and worktops.
Especially if the kitchen is in an open space, it becomes essential to choose the style of the stoneware coverings, knowing that they will be one of the fundamental elements to give character to the entire environment: whether you want to give a warm effect with kitchen wood effect tiles, whether you choose coatings with new modern styles linked to marble effect or to geometric or printed patterns, you need to combine design with the practicality, necessary for an operational space like this.
In this, the porcelain stoneware tiles are unsurpassed for an environment such as the kitchen.

The new modern trends in kitchen tiles are hexagonal tiles (read article: Kitchen hexagon tiles) which create designs with a strong stylistic impact, but this can also be achieved by mixing the shape of the tiles and combining rectangular tiles (which give order and rigor) with hexagonal mosaics that identify the various functional areas of the kitchen.

How to choose the color of the kitchen tiles?

To make a correct choice, it is first of all necessary to consider that stoneware tiles often have a different chromatic effect if they are exposed to natural light or artificial light: it is therefore important to check whether the shades are to your liking regardless of the type of lighting.
The dimensions of the kitchen space can help you determine which colors to prefer: small rooms suggest light tiles, while the more you enlarge the space, the more you can dare with dark colors or sophisticated patterns.
The new design trends in modern kitchens offer geometric, floral or retro-inspired patterns. The majolica effect with patchwork laying has been very trendy lately, creating a warm and familiar atmosphere, ideal for a modern kitchen in a contemporary rustic style.
Another modern trend is that of decorated tiles with a wallpaper effect laying in order to minimize the joints in favor of a decorative continuity reminiscent of wallpaper.

The possibilities are many and for this reason we always advise our customers to rely on the advice of our experts in order to be guided to the best solutions starting from their own tastes.

Which tile effects to choose to give a modern touch to the kitchen?

The style of a kitchen wall is characterized by the effect of stoneware.
The industrial style has recently become very fashionable and for this reason the cement effect stoneware tile is the ideal finish, with shades ranging from gray to beige normally, to accompany worktops and wood or metal coverings.
Cement-effect tiles are the new trend for the modern kitchen, but with an antique allure and pop graphics: gray, beige and terracotta colors are the most used to maintain the vintage effect thanks to the hexagonal or square shapes and liberty references.
Finally,  marble effect of kitchen tiles is timeless: elegant and scenographic, with a vague taste of retro elegance, the kitchen countertops and wall tiles with the aesthetics of marble are back in great fashion. Even very important veins thus become the ideal background also for the splash guards, inserting a design of continuity with the coverings and floors.