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The oldest and most elaborate techniques in the luxury jewellery industry

The oldest and most elaborate techniques in the luxury jewellery industry
The art of micro and nano mosaics is one of the oldest and most elaborate techniques in the fine jewellery sector. Given the complexity of this technique, the reproduction of the same was impossible for many centuries. Sicis studied ancient micro-mosaic jewellery pieces dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries at the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg and the Vatican Museums as part of a project that required more than 25 years of research into innovation and development of materials, culminating in the establishment of an atelier dedicated to the specific study of micro-mosaics.
Sicis mosaic mastercraftsmen create these micro tesserae of gold and Venetian enamel, obtained by fusing 9 base colours and diamond powder at 1200 degrees, producing infinite combinations of colours and nuances. Dozens and dozens of hours are required to complete the mosaic; the master-craftsmen embed each micro tesserae one by one, working entirely by hand and following the design with the naked eye, creating a unique and inimitable masterpiece.

The Main Sicis Collections

Sicis Home Collection
Sicis is pleased to welcome you "home". Classical inspiration becomes contemporary, interpreting an eclectic, elegant and refined style. The interiors express personality. The Maison's entirely Italian-made production follows the cardinal values of constant research, focus on quality and the use of selected materials that are skilfully worked in every detail by master craftsmen. Space becomes integrally important, liberated from preordained schemes. Through the strength of Sicis' mosaic experience and motivation for experimentation, walls become an integral part of the "mood" and a decorative component using innovative tiling materials, textiles or marble. Sicis is able to express a style through a language that pervades the entire environment, from the furniture to the lighting, accessories and flooring, where the mosaic remains a common thread and a distinctive element.
Sicis Vetrite Collection Extra-Large Slabs
The collection was established by means of intense research aimed at implementing new developments in luxury decorative wall tile materials. SICIS moving from mosaic tiles to large slabs is a natural passage and glass is an intrinsic material to the company's DNA. The composite application of textiles and polymeric films becomes the heart and protagonist of these large slabs. The format can reach up to 120x280 cm and 6 mm to 12 mm thick, depending on the particular use. In the SICIS Factory and in the Ateliers, techniques, alchemy, manual skills and art are skillfully blended. This environment strengthens the precise intuition, creating a state-of-the-art product from an innovative and aesthetic point of view, which overcomes the dimensional barrier. Vetrite represents the ability to think about tiles without constraints of any kind. This product represents a style, a decorative, evocative and precious art, capable of yielding emotions, unveiling exclusive textures, unique patterns and persuasive colours. This pure and tenacious product is particularly versatile and eclectic, suitable for exploring use in the usual areas of application, as well as on interior walls and in sectors such as furniture, furnishings, benchtops, doors, lights and, lastly, design. The collection presents glass as a better and more refined alternative to porcelain slabs. SICIS is proud to present Vetrite, a collection dedicated to love and passion for beautiful, quality tiles, the distinctive element, strength and character for every space.