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Slip-resistant tiles

When purchasing tiles, it’s important to note their slip grading or “R” value (relating to the angle at which a person loses friction), which varies depending on their intended use.

Let's take a closer look:

Grade R9:

A porcelain stoneware surface with “standard” slip resistance. 
Suitable for entrances and stairways with outside access, in addition to restaurants and canteens, shops, GP surgeries, hospitals, and schools.

Grade R10:

A porcelain stoneware surface with “average” slip resistance.
Suitable for shared bathrooms and showers, small catering kitchens, garages and basements.

Grade R11:

A porcelain stoneware surface with “elevated” slip resistance.
Suitable for food production environments, workplaces with a high presence of water, and dry cleaners.

Grade R12:

A porcelain stoneware surface with high slip resistance. 
Suitable for areas where fatty foodstuffs are handled (dairy products, oils and sausages), large catering kitchens, industrial areas where slippery substances are used, and car parks.

A few examples:
Slip-resistant tiles
Rex - Atmosphères de Rex, R10 slip resistance with a 10 mm thickness.
Slip-resistant tiles
Fabbrica Cà Foscari, R11 slip resistance, creating continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces, available in 5 colours.
Slip-resistant tiles
Floor Gres - Tech, R12 slip resistance, suitable for swimming pools requiring higher slip resistance.