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the best brands of porcelain stoneware tiles


  • How to recognise quality porcelain stoneware?
  • Value for money ratio of porcelain stoneware tiles
  • News 2021/2022: trends in the world of stoneware
Porcelain stoneware tiles must be chosen consciously, distrusting price promises and learning instead to know which are the best brands of porcelain stoneware tiles and the requirements that a tile must meet in order to guarantee the best performance in your home and their durability over time.
We at have selected the best brands of porcelain stoneware tiles and among them, the series with the best colours, sizes and thicknesses to meet all needs in terms of style and use.
These are the top brands of porcelain stoneware tiles which you can find at OneTile:
  • Abitare la ceramica: stoneware tiles with a contemporary design and a focus on production technology.
  • Atlas Concorde: the first ceramic group in the world to offer the best aesthetic and technological solutions in porcelain stoneware
  • Ava: Italian manufacturer of large format thin stoneware slabs.
  • Casa Dolce Casa: the Florim brand that focuses on research into the colour and texture sensations of tiles 
  • Casamood: a Florim brand dedicated to tile collections with refined and stylish colours and textures
  • Cedit: production of Made in Italy porcelain stoneware wall tiles, all created by nationally and internationally renowned designers, for unique and exclusive collections.
  • Ceramica Sant'Agostino: a brand of porcelain stoneware for floors and walls that constantly invests in innovation, operating 100% in Italy
  • Cerim: ceramic collections with a young and colourful design, that are also ideal for medium and low traffic commercial applications
  • Fap: floor and wall tiles designed especially for bathrooms and residential floors.
  • Floor Gres: a brand dedicated to fine porcelain stoneware surfaces for architectural design.
  • Florim: porcelain stoneware ceramics for any need in architecture, building and interior design
  • Herberia: a brand that pursues design and new trends in porcelain stoneware
  • La Fabbrica: porcelain stoneware for large slabs, manufactures and markets high-end Italian ceramic floor and wall tiles.
  • La Faenza: porcelain stoneware floors for residential or small and medium commercial spaces with a refined design
  • LEA Ceramiche: a brand of stoneware tiles with a focus on the environment and sustainability
  • Leonardo: designer ceramic tiles with a variety of textured surfaces
  • Marazzi: one of the world's leading ceramic tile brands
  • Mutina: one of the most exclusive porcelain stoneware brands in the world
  • Ragno: porcelain stoneware with a design especially for bathrooms and living areas
  • Rex: collections of tiles with a luxurious and elegant taste with porcelain stoneware in a contemporary and decisive style.
  • Woodco: Long-lasting wooden floors for those who choose parquet with an unmistakable style
  • Bisazza: the most prestigious luxury brand in design and world leader in the production of glass mosaic for interior and exterior decoration.
  • Sicis: the micro and nano mosaic artists

How to recognise quality porcelain stoneware?

the best brands of porcelain stoneware tiles

porcelain stoneware is a widely used material in architecture, with formidable workmanship and performance.
Let's take a look at some of the characteristics that cause its good quality:

● Low water absorption
● High resistance to wear, shocks, scratches and stains
● Frost-proof and water-repellent

Thanks to these exclusive advantages, in recent years porcelain stoneware has been the most widely sold material in both residential and commercial settings, for flooring and covering any space, even those with high footfall.


When choosing porcelain stoneware tiles the first things that come to mind are colours, style, sizes and final effect, but especially when it comes to floor or wall tiles it is also important to consider the price and type of material.

Floor and wall coverings will be part of your home for many years, so it is very important to make an informed choice to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

● The term "first class porcelain stoneware tiles" refers to imperfection-free ceramic products covered by the manufacturer's guarantee in the event that the supplied product is affected by apparent or hidden defects. In the case of first-class tiles, some minor aesthetic defects are admissible on a limited number of tiles (no more than 5%, i.e. 5 tiles out of 100).

● The term "second class porcelain stoneware tiles" refers to all ceramic products of a lower quality class. In consideration of a lower price, the manufacturer offers no guarantee. Aesthetic defects are allowed in the second-class tiles, such as:

  - Shading (a slight difference in tone between one tile and another or between points on the same tile).
  - Differences in thickness between one tile and another or between two points on the same tile
  - Irregular edges
  - Non-planarity (the tiles emboss in the centre)
  - Dots, spots

    Such defects may concern only part of the tiles or the whole batch.
Remember that a cheap tile makes the installation more expensive! A quality tile is easier to lay down, it has no internal tensions that lead to breakage, it is well sized and flat and makes life easier for the tile layer.

Finally, the manufacturer must state the quality of the tiles on their packaging, with I in the case of the first class or II, SE or SS in the case of the second.

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Value for money ratio of porcelain stoneware tiles

the best brands of porcelain stoneware tiles

The search for the best value for money is one of the constant topics in home renovation, and in particular when choosing a floor covering. Porcelain stoneware is an excellent solution, for the simple reason that it is suitable for any installation context, both indoors and outdoors.

One of the key factors influencing the price of porcelain tiles is undoubtedly their type of processing, format and colour.

Type: A variable that affects the price is grinding (i.e. the perfect squaring of the tile edges) and the characteristics of the surface, as the sanding or lapping of the material affects the final cost.

Format and colour: Standard tiles are easily available, so they are also available at a lower cost than the more specialised tiles, whereas less common tiles, characterised by an unusual colour, or a custom decoration, will be available on the market at a much higher price.


Many users have left their feedback on our Facebook and Google channels about their price-quality experience with Onetile:
From Italy:
the best brands of porcelain stoneware tiles
From France:
the best brands of porcelain stoneware tiles
From Germany:
the best brands of porcelain stoneware tiles


News 2021/2022: trends in the world of stoneware

the best brands of porcelain stoneware tiles
Let's take a look at some of the most trendy floor and wall covering solutions for 2021/2022:


Lea Ceramiche patented an innovative dry laying system named Slimtech Easy and designed for porcelain stoneware floors without any need of glue and plaster.
It allows the creation of a new ultra-resistant porcelain stoneware floor suitable for indoor residential or light commercial use. They can be laid on top of the existing floor, allowing renovation without demolition.

Slimtech Easy is the ideal solution for renovating the floor of a room without the inconvenience of demolition work, reducing time, costs and debris.
The main uses are: housing, exhibition stands, temporary shops, offices, rented premises.
the best brands of porcelain stoneware tiles

The technological innovation developed by Marazzi and Ragno puts the spotlight on the importance of care and hygiene, an ever important topic in the scope of current Covid-19 prevention policies.

Puro by Marazzi and Clean Out by Ragno are the new antibacterial technologies for ceramic surfaces, designed to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms.

The main advantages are:

- Safe for any surfaces contacting food
- Permanent antimicrobial activity, even in the dark
- Maximum cleanability and maintenance of surfaces

Discover Carácter, the first Marazzi collection made with Puro Antibacterial Protection technology and Eterna made with CleanOut Antibacterial Protection!
the best porcelain stoneware brands
the best brands of porcelain stoneware tiles

The key words of the new 2021/2022 trends are: nature and sustainable design. 
This year, the homes will be dressed in warm earthy colours from brown to green, natural materials and discreet patterns.

EARTHTECH/ by Floor Gres is an eco friendly, organic and technologically aware material that traces the origins of the earth and is driven by the most modern green living trends.

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