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HAVANA is one of the most prestigious collections from Cir, a leading italian ceramic brand at an international level, specialising in the manufacture of porcelain stoneware products.

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Cuba Libre MixCuba Libre Mix
Havana SkyHavana Sky
Old Havana MixOld Havana Mix
Pilar BluPilar Blu
Pilar VerdePilar Verde
Sugar CaneSugar Cane
Inserto PalomaInserto Paloma
Inserto Paloma S/8Inserto Paloma S/8
Mosaico Spacco Havana CohibaMosaico Spacco Havana Cohiba
Mosaico Spacco Havana MaleconMosaico Spacco Havana Malecon
Mosaico Spacco Havana MojitoMosaico Spacco Havana Mojito
Mosaico Spacco Havana SkyMosaico Spacco Havana Sky
Mosaico Spacco Havana SugarMosaico Spacco Havana Sugar
Mosaico Spacco Havana TropicanaMosaico Spacco Havana Tropicana
Elemento L CohibaElemento L Cohiba
Elemento L MaleconElemento L Malecon
Elemento L Sugar CaneElemento L Sugar Cane


Porcelain Stoneware Cir HAVANA is ideal for:
  • Cir HAVANA is a porcelain stoneware floor
  • Cir HAVANA are tiles suitable for a concrete effect floor
  • Cir HAVANA are tiles suitable for a mosaic floor
  • Cir HAVANA are tiles suitable for a floor for living areas
  • Cir HAVANA are tiles suitable for a bathroom floor
  • Cir HAVANA are tiles suitable for a kitchen floor

Ceramiche CIR

Ceramiche CIR
Manifatture Ceramiche CIR is a brand renowned for its dedication to quality craftsmanship and creativity in the ceramics industry.
Founded on experience and innovation, CIR Ceramiche stands out for its attention to detail and its ability to create unique tiles that transform spaces.

Each tile from CIR Ceramiche is the result of meticulous craftsmanship and a continuous search for innovative designs. Our wide range of products offers a variety of styles, colors and textures to suit every taste and inspire unique and exclusive design projects.

Explore CIR Ceramiche's collection and discover how to transform your spaces into stunningly beautiful and functional environments.

Our achievements

Our achievements
Discover the floors and coverings that have already made our customers thanks to Onetile's services.
thanks to the careful selection of the best Italian porcelain stoneware, mosaics, ceramics and parquet brands, we have created and manufactured floors and walls for private homes, restaurants and businesses of all kinds, in Italy and in Europe. Find out more
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