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OneRender: Your home takes shape, explore floors and coverings with our virtual reality!

With OneRender, we offer you a unique experience to visualize your flooring and covering project. Through the power of virtual reality, you can virtually explore your living space with the desired design choices, allowing you to evaluate the appearance and effect of different materials and colors. This immersive simulation provides you with the opportunity to make more informed and confident decisions, ensuring that the final result exceeds your expectations.

How does OneRender work?
1. Choose and agree with our consultants on the solution that suits your needs
2. Activate the selected service (by making the payment)
3. Fill out and share the project form with us
(The project form includes defining your choices and sharing your floor plan)
4. We will work on your choices and share with you:
- High-resolution photos of the spaces
- A link to navigate your 360° 3D environment
5. If you have any changes to make, the first modification is always free. From the second modification onwards, there is an additional cost of €10 per change.

Request a professional render based on your choices