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Residence in the Bisceglie parks

Dynamic and modern, a fusion of styles and materials

Different materials characterise the flooring, a blend noble and living wood with ceramic porcelain stoneware, which facilitates the combination of colours in both the space and on the floor. This apartment is characterised by a retro-style that reinterprets a 1950s cafe. In the living room, the hexagonal tiles are used as if they were a carpet. The addition of conspicuously coloured furniture and a transparent partition wall recreates an American style in which one can comfortably relax.

Floor and wall tiles used

Living room flooring: Listone Giordano, Atelier Reserve Mareggiata 190 line, pre-varnished wood, 18 mm thick, Cefalù 1130 colour, Invisible Touch finishing in 190×1600/1900 format
Kitchen flooring: Ragno porcelain stoneware tiles, Esagone series mixed with Ragno Rewind series in 3 colours: Vanilla, Argilla, Corda, in 21×18.2 cm format
Bathroom flooring: resin flooring, White colour
Bathroom and bathtub wall tiles: "Jungle" wood inserts, 100×100 cm format