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Casa dolce casa

Stones&more 2.0

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Quarter Round Calacatta Black it's the trim tile combined with the porcelain stoneware series Stones&more 2.0 of Casa dolce casa. Collection Stones&more 2.0 it is available in different colors and configurable formats according to your needs and can be supplied with matching skirting boards, channels and plinths. Onetile offers only first choice porcelain stoneware products.

  • ColorQuarter Round Calacatta Black
  • Format1,2x30 cm
  • Depth9 mm
  • SurfaceSmooth
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Trim Tiles
Amani BronzeAmani Bronze
Stone Burl WhiteStone Burl White
Stone CalacattaStone Calacatta
Stone Calacatta BlackStone Calacatta Black
Stone MarfilStone Marfil
Stone Sahara NoirStone Sahara Noir
Stone ZecevoStone Zecevo
Amani Bronze Modulo Listello SfalsatoAmani Bronze Modulo Listello Sfalsato
Amani Bronze Modulo Listello Sfalsato 3dAmani Bronze Modulo Listello Sfalsato 3d
Amani Bronze MosaicoAmani Bronze Mosaico
Burl White Modulo Listello Sfalsato 3dBurl White Modulo Listello Sfalsato 3d
Stone Burl White Modulo Listello SfalsatoStone Burl White Modulo Listello Sfalsato
Stone Burl White MosaicoStone Burl White Mosaico
Stone Calacatta Black Modulo Listello SfalsatoStone Calacatta Black Modulo Listello Sfalsato
Stone Calacatta Black Modulo Listello Sfalsato 3dStone Calacatta Black Modulo Listello Sfalsato 3d
Stone Calacatta Black MosaicoStone Calacatta Black Mosaico
Stone Calacatta Black Muretto SfalsatoStone Calacatta Black Muretto Sfalsato
Stone Calacatta Modulo Listello SfalsatoStone Calacatta Modulo Listello Sfalsato
Stone Calacatta Modulo Listello Sfalsato 3dStone Calacatta Modulo Listello Sfalsato 3d
Stone Calacatta MosaicoStone Calacatta Mosaico
Stone Calacatta Muretto SfalsatoStone Calacatta Muretto Sfalsato
Stone Marfil Modulo Listello SfalsatoStone Marfil Modulo Listello Sfalsato
Stone Marfil Modulo Listello Sfalsato 3dStone Marfil Modulo Listello Sfalsato 3d
Stone Marfil MosaicoStone Marfil Mosaico
Stone Marfil Muretto SfalsatoStone Marfil Muretto Sfalsato
Stone Sahara Noir Modulo Listello SfalsatoStone Sahara Noir Modulo Listello Sfalsato
Stone Sahara Noir Modulo Listello Sfalsato 3dStone Sahara Noir Modulo Listello Sfalsato 3d
Stone Sahara Noir MosaicoStone Sahara Noir Mosaico
Stone Sahara Noir Muretto SfalsatoStone Sahara Noir Muretto Sfalsato
Stone Zecevo Modulo Listello SfalsatoStone Zecevo Modulo Listello Sfalsato
Stone Zecevo Modulo Listello Sfalsato 3dStone Zecevo Modulo Listello Sfalsato 3d
Stone Zecevo MosaicoStone Zecevo Mosaico
Alzata WhiteAlzata White
Angolo Alzata WhiteAngolo Alzata White
Angolo Gradino Dx Amani BronzeAngolo Gradino Dx Amani Bronze
Angolo Gradino Dx Burl GrayAngolo Gradino Dx Burl Gray
Angolo Gradino Dx Burl WhiteAngolo Gradino Dx Burl White
Angolo Gradino Dx CalacattaAngolo Gradino Dx Calacatta
Angolo Gradino Dx Calacatta BlackAngolo Gradino Dx Calacatta Black
Angolo Gradino Dx MarfilAngolo Gradino Dx Marfil
Angolo Gradino Dx Sahara NoirAngolo Gradino Dx Sahara Noir
Angolo Gradino Dx ZecevoAngolo Gradino Dx Zecevo
Angolo Gradino Sx Amani BronzeAngolo Gradino Sx Amani Bronze
Angolo Gradino Sx Burl GrayAngolo Gradino Sx Burl Gray
Angolo Gradino Sx Burl WhiteAngolo Gradino Sx Burl White
Angolo Gradino Sx CalacattaAngolo Gradino Sx Calacatta
Angolo Gradino Sx Calacatta BlackAngolo Gradino Sx Calacatta Black
Angolo Gradino Sx MarfilAngolo Gradino Sx Marfil
Angolo Gradino Sx Sahara NoirAngolo Gradino Sx Sahara Noir
Angolo Gradino Sx ZecevoAngolo Gradino Sx Zecevo
Angolo Listello WhiteAngolo Listello White
Angolo Quarter Round Amani BronzeAngolo Quarter Round Amani Bronze
Angolo Quarter Round Burl GrayAngolo Quarter Round Burl Gray
Angolo Quarter Round Burl WhiteAngolo Quarter Round Burl White
Angolo Quarter Round CalacattaAngolo Quarter Round Calacatta
Angolo Quarter Round Calacatta BlackAngolo Quarter Round Calacatta Black
Angolo Quarter Round MarfilAngolo Quarter Round Marfil
Angolo Quarter Round Sahara NoirAngolo Quarter Round Sahara Noir
Angolo Quarter Round ZecevoAngolo Quarter Round Zecevo
Battiscopa Amani BronzeBattiscopa Amani Bronze
Battiscopa Burl GrayBattiscopa Burl Gray
Battiscopa Burl WhiteBattiscopa Burl White
Battiscopa CalacattaBattiscopa Calacatta
Battiscopa Calacatta BlackBattiscopa Calacatta Black
Battiscopa MarfilBattiscopa Marfil
Battiscopa Sahara NoirBattiscopa Sahara Noir
Battiscopa ZecevoBattiscopa Zecevo
Cove Base Amani BronzeCove Base Amani Bronze
Cove Base Burl GrayCove Base Burl Gray
Cove Base Burl WhiteCove Base Burl White
Cove Base CalacattaCove Base Calacatta
Cove Base Calacatta BlackCove Base Calacatta Black
Cove Base MarfilCove Base Marfil
Cove Base Sahara NoirCove Base Sahara Noir
Cove Base ZecevoCove Base Zecevo
Gradino Amani BronzeGradino Amani Bronze
Gradino Burl GrayGradino Burl Gray
Gradino Burl WhiteGradino Burl White
Gradino CalacattaGradino Calacatta
Gradino Calacatta BlackGradino Calacatta Black
Gradino MarfilGradino Marfil
Gradino Sahara NoirGradino Sahara Noir
Gradino ZecevoGradino Zecevo
Profilo WhiteProfilo White
Quarter Round Amani BronzeQuarter Round Amani Bronze
Quarter Round Burl GrayQuarter Round Burl Gray
Quarter Round Burl WhiteQuarter Round Burl White
Quarter Round CalacattaQuarter Round Calacatta
Quarter Round Calacatta BlackQuarter Round Calacatta Black
Quarter Round MarfilQuarter Round Marfil
Quarter Round Sahara NoirQuarter Round Sahara Noir
Quarter Round ZecevoQuarter Round Zecevo
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1,2x301,2x30 cm
Depth / Surface
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 CodeDepthSurfacePrice list *Box **Pallet
CHOOSE:Code:756767Depth:9 mmSurface:GlossyPrice list *:14.90 €/pzDiscover the promotion priceBox **:12 pieces (0.03 m2 - 0.96 Kg)Pallet:140 boxes (5.04 m2 - 160 Kg)
CHOOSE:Code:756761Depth:9 mmSurface:SmoothPrice list *:14.90 €/pzDiscover the promotion priceBox **:12 pieces (0.03 m2 - 0.96 Kg)Pallet:140 boxes (5.04 m2 - 160 Kg)
* The price lists currently in force can change at any time until the order confirmation due to the continuous and high growth of the cost of raw materials, gas, transport
** the units / pieces per box and the square meters in a product box are shown
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ProductCasa dolce casa Stones&more 2.0Code756761Color and styleQuarter Round Calacatta BlackFormat1,2x30 cmDepth / Surface9.00 mm / Smooth
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An eclectic expression of elegant harmony

An eclectic expression of elegant harmony
Casa Dolce Casa-Casamood, a brand owned by the Florim group, strikes the perfect balance between quality and creativity. The project is expressed through a constant dialogue between colour research and naturally-inspired material contamination, whereby architecturally-designed spaces are combined with interior decoration to construct veritable sensorial experiences.
The careful study of every detail is blended with an eclectic personal expression, playing between the contrasts of tradition and modernity. The spaces are designed to create delightful modern living experiences, projected towards simple, relaxing atmospheres. Tradition, artisanal spirit and contemporary language characterise the aesthetic choices of a project that expresses its creative potential with an authentic and instantaneous style through the simple and malleable material.
Space is conceived as an intimate and welcoming nest, developed with canons of refined simplicity: a place of rest for the mind and spirit, where one can feel serene, quiet and at peace. However, it is also a great space in which to be together, share, host friends and have fun, connected directly to the outside world.
Each collection in the Casa Dolce Casa-Casamood range tells a story. The plot is built around different stylistic inspirations that are united by the personal search for warm and welcoming atmospheres, where every detail is designed to achieve a refined and light balance, an expression of intense, unconventional simplicity.
Almon I Holding

Almon I Holding

Splendid Villa in Switzerland
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Our achievements

Our achievements
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thanks to the careful selection of the best Italian porcelain stoneware, mosaics, ceramics and parquet brands, we have created and manufactured floors and walls for private homes, restaurants and businesses of all kinds, in Italy and in Europe. Find out more

About Us

About Us
We aim to make all of the best ceramics accessible at an exclusive price, assembling a personalised range that takes into account the customer's true needs. We offer advice on the choice of the best product and the installation of the same.
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