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Battiscopa Onyx White Absolute it's the trim tile combined with the porcelain stoneware series THE ROOM of Imola. Collection THE ROOM it is available in different colors and configurable formats according to your needs and can be supplied with matching skirting boards, channels and plinths. Onetile offers only first choice porcelain stoneware products.

  • Color
    Battiscopa Onyx White Absolute
  • Format
    6x120 cm
  • Depth
    6.5 mm
  • Surface
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4/4 Configuration
Case History

1. Choose Color and style

Decor and mosaic
Trim Tiles
Black DahliaBlack Dahlia
Breccia PhoenixBreccia Phoenix
Calacatta OysterCalacatta Oyster
Cremo DelicatoCremo Delicato
Grand Antique D'aubertGrand Antique D'aubert
Grand Antique D'UbertGrand Antique D'Ubert
Grey RootsGrey Roots
Gris Breche DumasGris Breche Dumas
Infinity BrazilInfinity Brazil
Inv WhiteInv White
Onice AragostaOnice Aragosta
Onyx Acqua Blue GoldOnyx Acqua Blue Gold
Onyx Aqua Blue GoldOnyx Aqua Blue Gold
Onyx White AbsoluteOnyx White Absolute
Panda WhitePanda White
Quartzite PatagoniaQuartzite Patagonia
Quarzite PatagognaQuarzite Patagogna
San PedroSan Pedro
Statuario Vena PiccolaStatuario Vena Piccola
Tiffany GreenTiffany Green
Decoro CrocoDecoro Croco
Decoro GhepardoDecoro Ghepardo
Decoro JaguarDecoro Jaguar
Decoro OryxDecoro Oryx
Decoro PitoneDecoro Pitone
Decoro SnakeDecoro Snake
Decoro TurtleDecoro Turtle
Decoro ZebraDecoro Zebra
Mosaico Black DahliaMosaico Black Dahlia
Mosaico Breccia PhoenixMosaico Breccia Phoenix
Mosaico Calacatta OysterMosaico Calacatta Oyster
Mosaico Grand Antique D'aubertMosaico Grand Antique D'aubert
Mosaico Grey RootsMosaico Grey Roots
Mosaico Gris Breche DumasMosaico Gris Breche Dumas
Mosaico Infinity BrazilMosaico Infinity Brazil
Mosaico Inv WhiteMosaico Inv White
Mosaico Onice AragostaMosaico Onice Aragosta
Mosaico Onyx Aqua Blue GoldMosaico Onyx Aqua Blue Gold
Mosaico Onyx White AbsoluteMosaico Onyx White Absolute
Mosaico Panda WhiteMosaico Panda White
Mosaico Quartzite PatagoniaMosaico Quartzite Patagonia
Mosaico San PedroMosaico San Pedro
Mosaico Statuario Vena PiccolaMosaico Statuario Vena Piccola
Mosaico Tiffany GreenMosaico Tiffany Green
Battiscopa Black DahliaBattiscopa Black Dahlia
Battiscopa Breccia PhoenixBattiscopa Breccia Phoenix
Battiscopa Calacatta OysterBattiscopa Calacatta Oyster
Battiscopa Cremo DelicatoBattiscopa Cremo Delicato
Battiscopa Grand Antique D'aubertBattiscopa Grand Antique D'aubert
Battiscopa Grey RootsBattiscopa Grey Roots
Battiscopa Gris Breche DumasBattiscopa Gris Breche Dumas
Battiscopa Infinity BrazilBattiscopa Infinity Brazil
Battiscopa Inv WhiteBattiscopa Inv White
Battiscopa Onice AragostaBattiscopa Onice Aragosta
Battiscopa Onyx Aqua Blue GoldBattiscopa Onyx Aqua Blue Gold
Battiscopa Onyx White AbsoluteBattiscopa Onyx White Absolute
Battiscopa Panda WhiteBattiscopa Panda White
Battiscopa Quartzite PatagoniaBattiscopa Quartzite Patagonia
Battiscopa San PedroBattiscopa San Pedro
Battiscopa Statuario Vena PiccolaBattiscopa Statuario Vena Piccola
Battiscopa Tiffany GreenBattiscopa Tiffany Green

2. Choose Format

6x1206x120 cm

3. Choose Depth / Surface

 List price 1DepthSurfaceBox 2PalletCode
CHOOSEList price *18.35 €/PZAsk for discountDepth6.5 mmSurfaceMatteBox **8 pieces (0.58 m2 - 9.08 Kg)Pallet **70 boxes (40.32 m2 - 658 Kg)CodeABS WH6 BT120
CHOOSEList price *22.00 €/PZAsk for discountDepth6.5 mmSurfaceLappedBox **8 pieces (0.58 m2 - 9.08 Kg)Pallet **70 boxes (40.32 m2 - 658 Kg)CodeABS WH6 BT120LP
1. The price lists currently in force can change at any time until the order confirmation due to the continuous and high growth of the cost of raw materials, gas, transport
2. The units / pieces per box and the square meters in a product box are shown

4. Summary

Imola THE ROOM Battiscopa Onyx White Absolute 6x120 Matte
PriceAsk for discount
CodeABS WH6 BT120
ProductImola THE ROOM
Color and styleBattiscopa Onyx White Absolute
Format6x120 cm
6.5 mm

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Imola is one of the Italian porcelain stoneware floor and wall tile manufacturing brands best known for its contemporary creativity. It is part of the Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola that represents an international reference industrial pole for made in italy ceramics, present on the market with three distinct commercial brands that are, Imola, LaFaenza and Leonardo. 

Founded in 1874 Imola represents a historical reality in the world of ceramics that has been able to evolve over time through technological research and a contemporary style.

Imola's objective is to offer floor and wall tiles that create environments and situations that make everyday moments pleasant.

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Our achievements
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