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Battiscopa Olimpia Avorio it's the trim tile combined with the porcelain stoneware series UNIONSTONE 2 of Ceramica Sant'Agostino. Collection UNIONSTONE 2 it is available in different colors and configurable formats according to your needs and can be supplied with matching skirting boards, channels and plinths. Onetile offers only first choice porcelain stoneware products.

  • Color
    Battiscopa Olimpia Avorio
  • Format
    7,3x60 cm
  • Depth
    9 mm
  • Surface
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4/4 Configuration
Case History

1. Choose Color and style

Decor and mosaic
Trim Tiles
Cedre GreyCedre Grey
Cedre Grey RigatoCedre Grey Rigato
Olimpia AvorioOlimpia Avorio
Olimpia Avorio RigatoOlimpia Avorio Rigato
Oriental BeigeOriental Beige
Oriental Beige RigatoOriental Beige Rigato
Serpentino RigatoSerpentino Rigato
Mosaico Cedre GreyMosaico Cedre Grey
Mosaico Olimpia AvorioMosaico Olimpia Avorio
Mosaico Oriental BeigeMosaico Oriental Beige
Mosaico SerpentinoMosaico Serpentino
Battiscopa Cedre GreyBattiscopa Cedre Grey
Battiscopa Olimpia AvorioBattiscopa Olimpia Avorio
Battiscopa Oriental BeigeBattiscopa Oriental Beige
Battiscopa SerpentinoBattiscopa Serpentino
Gradone Angolare DX Cedre GreyGradone Angolare DX Cedre Grey
Gradone Angolare DX Olimpia AvorioGradone Angolare DX Olimpia Avorio
Gradone Angolare DX Oriental BeigeGradone Angolare DX Oriental Beige
Gradone Angolare DX SerpentinoGradone Angolare DX Serpentino
Gradone Angolare SX Cedre GreyGradone Angolare SX Cedre Grey
Gradone Angolare SX Olimpia AvorioGradone Angolare SX Olimpia Avorio
Gradone Angolare SX Oriental BeigeGradone Angolare SX Oriental Beige
Gradone Angolare SX SerpentinoGradone Angolare SX Serpentino
Gradone Cedre GreyGradone Cedre Grey
Gradone Olimpia AvorioGradone Olimpia Avorio
Gradone Oriental BeigeGradone Oriental Beige
Gradone SerpentinoGradone Serpentino

2. Choose Format

7,3x607,3x60 cm
7,3x907,3x90 cm

3. Choose Depth / Surface

 List price 1DepthSurfaceBox 2PalletCode
CHOOSEList price *12.30 €/PZAsk for discountDepth9 mmSurfaceMatteBox **14 pieces (0.61 m2 - 12.2 Kg)Pallet **48 boxes (29.28 m2)CodeCSABOLAV60
1. The price lists currently in force can change at any time until the order confirmation due to the continuous and high growth of the cost of raw materials, gas, transport
2. The units / pieces per box and the square meters in a product box are shown

4. Summary

Ceramica Sant'Agostino UNIONSTONE 2 Battiscopa Olimpia Avorio 7,3x60 Matte
PriceAsk for discount
ProductCeramica Sant'Agostino UNIONSTONE 2
Color and styleBattiscopa Olimpia Avorio
Format7,3x60 cm
9 mm

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Floor and wall tiles in porcelain stoneware of the highest level

Floor and wall tiles in porcelain stoneware of the highest level
Ceramica Sant'Agostino began its activity in 1964 in Ferrara, an area geographically distant from other companies in the ceramic sector; a winning choice that allowed a strong design autonomy.

Ceramica Sant'Agostino, still led today by the family of its founder, continuously invests in innovation, operating one hundred percent in Italy.
And it is right in its headquarters in Sant'Agostino that it designs and manufactures a wide range of floor and wall tiles in porcelain stoneware of the highest level, able to technically and stylistically respond to the needs of a constantly evolving market.
With over fifty years of history, Ceramica Sant'Agostino represents an international company with an eye to the future, that has managed to keep its values intact.

Ceramica Sant'Agostino has always concentrated its stylistic and technological research towards coherent projects aimed at guaranteeing the highest quality of materials.
A high aesthetic content and high technical performance are the result of distinctive choices that have led Ceramica Sant'Agostino to leave its mark on the world ceramic scene.

Our achievements

Our achievements
Discover the floors and coverings that have already made our customers thanks to Onetile's services.
thanks to the careful selection of the best Italian porcelain stoneware, mosaics, ceramics and parquet brands, we have created and manufactured floors and walls for private homes, restaurants and businesses of all kinds, in Italy and in Europe. Find out more
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