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Ultimate Grey and Illuminating: Pantone colours 2021

2020 was a very unusual and abnormal year so, for only the second time in the last 20 years, Pantone has chosen two official colours.
The new colours for 2021 are: Illuminating (PANTONE 13-0647) and Ultimate Grey (PANTONE 17-5104).

Ultimate Grey and Illuminating: Pantone colours 2021
To understand how to combine them we must first describe them:
  • Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating is a warm, bright, and vibrant yellow. 
  • Pantone 17-5104 is a cool grey, that conveys a very strong feeling of lasting stability and strength.
Strong and optimistic when used in combination, Ultimate Grey and Illuminating are independent colours, and do not necessarily have to be used in equal proportions. Either of the two colours can be used to a greater or lesser degree.


Ultimate Grey and Illuminating are a great combination for home décor and will create  a well-defined atmosphere in any room, adding a touch of positivity and style. 
Porcelain stoneware tiles also render these colours perfectly, with either a gloss or matt finish.
Illuminating is the ideal colour for porcelain stoneware tiles in small bathrooms, adding a sense of depth and brightness. You can also opt for tiles in Ultimate Grey and give it a more modern feel by using yellow accessories, such as towels, baskets, soap holders, etc.

Bathroom tiles: porcelain stoneware Marazzi Cloud
Ultimate Grey and Illuminating: Pantone colours 2021

●  BEDROOMS:          

Ultimate Grey porcelain tiles are perfect for the bedroom. Grey is a versatile, elegant shade that creates an ambience of calm and confidence. If combined with Illuminating accessories, interesting colour contrasts can be created.

Main flooring: porcelain stoneware tiles Atlas Concorde Arkshade
Ultimate Grey and Illuminating: Pantone colours 2021


Tiles in Ultimate Grey & Illuminating are both ideal for stimulating creativity in the kitchen. You can opt for yellow wall tiles and grey floor tiles, both in porcelain stoneware, to create an inviting and pleasing environment.

Kitchen tiles: porcelain stoneware Ragno Candy
Ultimate Grey and Illuminating: Pantone colours 2021


The dining room is where you will spend most of your time and where you entertain your guests, so the new Pantone 2021 colours are a must! 
In this room you can give vent to your creativity, opting for a grey porcelain stoneware floor, and make it more welcoming by adding furniture and ornaments such as chairs, cushions, and vases.  

Main flooring: porcelain stoneware tiles Ragno Bistrot
Ultimate Grey and Illuminating: Pantone colours 2021


Here at Onetile.it, we can offer you expert advice if you plan to give your home a fresh look with porcelain stoneware tiles or finishings in the new, trendy colours for 2021.

If you have any further questions, contact us for a free consultation. Our team will be happy to recommend the perfect combinations to renovate your dream home with style and colour! 


It all began in 2000, when the American company Pantone Inc., who were well-known in the world of graphics and design for having invented a system for cataloguing colours using "swatches", back in the 1950s, decided to designate a "Colour of the year" to influence design during the following year. This was intended to act as a colourful inspiration for the world of fashion, furniture, design, and the creative arts in general.
Ultimate Grey and Illuminating: Pantone colours 2021
With this initiative, Pantone Inc. has achieved considerable fame over the years, crossing the boundaries of the circle of professionals and establishing itself as a genuine "colour authority" for everyone.

The Colour of the Year is chosen after careful evaluation and analysis of the trends from a wide range of sources, including fashion, art collections, lifestyle, socio-economic conditions, design, and film production.