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Raised installation on feet

Raised installation is an installation system for covering surfaces, which allows the creation of cavities of different heights, ensuring the ventilation of the lower layers, the absence of mould and the modification or maintenance of the systems.
Furthermore, once the installation has been completed, accessibility is immediate.

Let's take a look at the basic steps for this type of installation: 
Raised installation on feet

1. Removing and cleaning the old flooring: 

Before proceeding with the installation, the old flooring must be removed and the underlying surface thoroughly cleaned.
Raised installation on feet

2. Preparation of the underlying surface: 

The second step is to level the floor, and if necessary, to position cables and pipes.
Raised installation on feet

3. Cutting of porcelain stoneware tiles:

Preparation of the tiles to be cut required for the outer edges.
Raised installation on feet

4. Position of the feet on the ground:

The maximum recommended installation height is 10 cm. In addition, you can choose to use the fixed, adjustable or self-levelling adjustable support.
Raised installation on feet

5. Installation of the new tiles on feet:

Ensure that the slabs are correctly levelled during installation.
Raised installation on feet

6. Final result:

Once the installation is complete, the floor is immediately ready to be walked on.

Flooring and tiling used in this installation:

Flooring of the outdoor area: Marazzi porcelain stoneware tiles, Mystone Limestone20 series, Ivory colour in 60x120 size 

The showroom is divided into several areas: the outdoor area, located at the entrance to the shop where porcelain stoneware products for outdoor use will be displayed and set, and the indoor area where other porcelain stoneware and parquet products are displayed.