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Backsplash band for kitchen

Backsplash band for kitchen
The backsplash has been an important working part of any kitchen remodel for years. Today we can install tiles with many effects: natural stone, glass, metal, brick and wood.
Backsplash design has become more creative with design with textures and different shaped tiles.

The new trend for backsplash design is the ceiling-height backsplash: it can give classic tile a fresh and modern look by highlighting a single area of the kitchen, creating a focal point, or help a large patterned tile sing loud and proud.
Higher backsplashes will unite all aspects of the space, especially if you are using white subway tiles a modern trend for an industrial design and a shabby chic appeal.

To choose to take the tile all the way up the ceiling can make the kitchen feel taller, drawing the eye up the wall and can also make open shelves and other features stand out, depending on the style of backsplash you select.
Running the backsplash to the ceiling tends to create a more ‘high end’ look.

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