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Renovated Villa in Brescia

Renovated Villa in Brescia

The modern renovation of a historic home in Brescia. A combination of classic and contemporary design that aims to create a timeless, innovative style.
The ancient seventeenth-century door furnishes and frames the wonderful classic living room. The colour blue reigns in the kitchen and is referenced through small details in every room. The continuous study of details makes this home chic, stylish and with a unique taste.
In collaboration with: Teresa Abba (Architect), Studio Architect Abba

Floor and wall tiles used

Wooden flooring: Pre-varnished oak (130/15×100/2500 mm), Tabak colour
Bathroom porcelain stoneware floor tiles: 60×20 cm, Rex La Roche series, Blanc colour
Bathroom porcelain stoneware wall tiles: 120x240 cm, Rex La Roche series, Blanc Smooth colour
Shower tiles: mosaic Bisazza Nuvole series
Kitchen wall tiles: exclusive terracotta wall tiles, handmade and decorated, 15×15 Lampedusa